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Regular Consignor Drop Off Appointments

This is our standard consignor drop off option, where you will bring the items into the store and place them on the sales floor yourself.

Drop & Go Appointments

Consignors enjoy the convenience of curbside service when you drive up and remain in vehicle, while WE unloaded and put away your items. This is a FREE service, but ALL items must be marked to go 50% off AND be donated at the end of the event.

Curbside Consignor Drop Off

It's the same wonderful drop & go service listed above but you DON'T have to choose to donate & 50% off all your items. Instead, you will pay a low $12.50 curbside drop off fee and we will do all the work for you!

Mailed Barcode Labels

We are encouraging all items to be pre-labeled this season! If you can't make it to one of our early barcode pick up times, we will simply mail them to you for $4

VIP Consignors

This is where WE do the work for you! We come to your house, pick up your items, we process, enter them into the system and even deliver them to the event for you. You just sit back and watch your items sell during the event!

Consignor Pick Up

Consignor Pick Up Options will be live once the event starts! Thanks!