💪 Who's excited to join our Rhea Lana Super Squad????💪 We are SO excited to offer YOU, our amazing consignors and shoppers, the opportunity to get PAID to work at Rhea Lana's of the Northland. The US District Courts ruled in June of 2019 that all consignment events can no longer use volunteers. So what does this mean?? Well, it means that YOU can now get PAID $8.60 an hour to work our events! A few housekeeping rules: 1. You MUST work a minimum of 12 hours. 2. One of the shifts must be a Sort or Consignor Drop Off shift. 3. You can work a maximum of 24 hours. 4. We will deduct $25 our of your paycheck for your Ticket to shop our Private PreSale! WOOHOO!!! To learn how YOU can apply to join our Super Squad, please email erin@rhealana.com!